What we offer

Ice Vending Italia’s machines produce ice onsite, so there will be no need of transportation therefore no pollution emissions
Our Vending machines are environmentally friendly and they provide a safest and more convenient product.


Ice Vending Italia’s machines are appealing to clients as they dispense – on demand – ice bags in a quick and convenient way.

Our Ice Vending Machines include a GSM monitoring system, which gives notifications when there are issues that can affect the production. For example, the GSM monitoring system notifies if ice or ice bags are finished or when a door has been left open. The system also notifies any further problem that can stop the production.

Why Ice Vending Italia

  • Develop your own business without any fixed cost!
  • Attract new clients and offer an innovative product.
  • Easy to be used.
  • Accepts banknotes and coins.
  • Accessible 24 hours.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Can be controlled by a remote system.
High Performance
Every Machine is equipped with a mobile phone monitoring system that enables to keep track of sales data.

The system allows selecting several contacts to which the notification will be sent. All this will be possible through the GSM networks. No need of wired connections.